Digital Measurements that Matter

Impressions to Conversions

Before we dive right into this topic, I want to set the stage by reviewing the marketing path to conversion.

We usually begin the path the conversion with an impression, whether it’s a digital ad impression or an estimated impression from a magazine ad. Impressions should eventually funnel all the way down to a lead, sale, or conversion. Understanding that all impressions serve a purpose in the marketing sales funnel is essential, and defining that purpose should be step one. It’s even more important when buying ads based on impressions.

Yes, I just said that.


Metrics are NOT Analytics

Have you recently been in a meeting where everyone was talking about analytics, but you weren't quite sure what they meant? I'll help you determine what that buzz word means - but before I do, let me tell you that the people in your meeting probably didn't know what it meant, either.

First, let me make a broad and important statement: Metrics are NOT analytics.

Getting Started with Digital Analytics

The online advertising realm is full of possibilities and opportunities to understand your key target. Did you know some tools can determine what type of person visits a website, and how they act? As in, perhaps a female, age 35-44, who is interested in comedy television programs, spends twice as long on the site as any other visitor. Or have you ever looked at an item for sale on one site, only to find that same item in an ad on your Facebook page?

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