How to ... Run a Proper A/B Test

So you'll know a clear winner and loser

Everyone's all about the A/B test these days, whether it's a landing page, an email, or a piece of direct mail. And the concept is quite simple: pit two different creatives against each other and see which one wins. But is it REALLY that simple? Turns out, if you don't have your measurement plan set up correctly in the beginning, your results will tell you nothing substantial and the only thing you'll get is wasted time and money.

Three Ways to Decrease the Potential of Digital Ads Served in Offensive Content

The recent articles by the New York Times and USA Today are inherently valuable for digital marketing. They cite big advertisers dropping out of video buys based on the ads being served on questionable content. This issue brings to light an important issue in digital ad buying and trafficking: programmatic buying as a way of automation efficiencies and how to protect your brand from appearing on an offensive site.

Five Steps for Digital Ad Optimization

There are a lot of ways to optimize digital ads and ad spend during a marketing campaign. If you're looking to optimize on website results, follow these five steps for effective optimization.

Calculating Visit Rate to Optimize Digital Ads

Apparently I have single-handedly come up with a crazy new calculation to apply to digital marketing, because whenever I bring it up as a key metric I get blank stares from everyone in the room. It’s certainly not rocket science, and it’s pretty easy to get as long as you know how many people clicked your ad, and how many website visits resulted from that click. I call this the Visit Rate and it’s immensely important in optimizing ad spend, site placement, CPC, and creative performance.

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